Product launch parties are one of our favorite types of events to host at our banquet hall in Orange County. Anyone who has ever thrown a product launch party can tell you that it requires a considerable amount of planning, so we’ve asked some of our favorite event planners in Costa Mesa, Irvine, and Newport Beach to share their tips and tricks with us! 
Below are the top four ways to make sure your event is both successful and memorable:
The Theme
Just like with any other event, the theme is the first action item on an event planner’s list for a product launch party. Your product or brand has many different characteristics, and all of those attributes should be part of its launch. These characteristics can be enhanced with the correct party theme. The latter should be woven into every component of the event, including activities, decor, the food and beverage menu, and the live entertainment you choose to provide. You should also take an adequate amount of time to educate everyone working at the event about the message you wish to convey from your company.
The Social Media Factor
Clever social media is essential to a successful product launch party. Make sure your party materials are marked with memorable hashtags, and consider setting up a photo booth that stamps all photos with your logo. It’s important to make it easy for your guests to tag and mention your company and product across all social media platforms.  
One event planner in Newport Beach mentions “When an event is done correctly, the guests can sometimes unknowingly become brand ambassadors that will further promote and advertise your product for you just by posting pictures from the event on social media. A photo booth, or just a creative backdrop for a photo is often times enough to make sure hundreds of people will post pictures to their social media profiles and create a buzz about your event. Sometimes all it takes is the ambience of a unique event venue to get people posting pictures and videos of your launch party.”
Advertise Raffles and Giveaways
Games and raffles are a terrific way to keep your guests engaged at a product launch party, and therefore you should advertise the prizes and giveaways prior to your event. Prizes are easy to match to your theme and in most cases, people will remain at the party as long as prizes are being handed out. If you choose to have a big “grand prize,” make sure you time the drawing toward the end of the event to keep attendees there longer.
Evoke Emotion
Sometimes people become interested in products and brands simply because emotion led them to make a decision. This is because evoking emotion helps individuals relate and bond with your product. You can share your company's history in an interesting way, or tell the story of how a particular product you are launching was initially invented or created. Many people enjoy human interest stories about how certain products were developed and the individuals who had a hand in making it happen.
We hope these tips will help you plan your next product launch party!