Finding the perfect venue is usually the first and most important step in planning any event, but that can be easier said than done. Knowing what you need from your space is essential in narrowing down the search. Having a list of specific requirements not only streamlines your selection process but also helps you to stay within budget and make your event successful.  
To help you in your search for the perfect event venue, here’s a list of five important things to consider before you rent a banquet hall in Orange County. 
1. Location
In many cases, attendees must travel from different areas, so it’s important to remember to consider transportation expenses and travel times. Is your banquet hall in close proximity to public transportation options and/or overnight accommodations? 
If you’re expecting out of state guests, it may make things easier to find a location near the airport. Incidentally, Lyon Air Museum is actually located on John Wayne Airport's property, in the proverbial heart of Orange County. 
2. Attendance Minimums and Maximum Capacity
There are several event venues in Orange County that can accommodate hundreds, or even thousands, of guests. Often times, these larger venues will require a minimum number of attendees for booking. However, if your event calls for a more personalized, intimate setting, make sure to ensure your chosen venue’s maximum capacity works with your head count.
3. Parking
Parking is always a concern, so make sure to ask if there is a large enough lot for all of your guests. If not, you will need to consider off-site parking or a shuttle service. Does your banquet hall require a valet service and, if so, how much additional expense should you expect? 
4. Service and Amenities
It’s important to clarify exactly what policies the venue has regarding amenities like information desks and shipping and receiving services. Also, make sure that any equipment you may need is available, including common requests like microphones, Internet access, and TV’s.
If your venue’s food and beverage program is not provided in-house, ask to see a list of preferred vendors. Are there any complimentary services included in the cost of the venue that you can plan for? 
5. Ambiance
Your event venue should have the right look and character for your event’s theme to make your evening truly outstanding. Details like hardwood or carpet, décor and lighting options, and room size all add up to be an important part of the ambiance. If you’re expecting a larger group, you should ask about flexibility in accommodating extra tables and layout changes. However, make sure to balance your expectations with the reality of your situation. If you are concerned about wheelchair accessibility, a rustic, barn-like venue may not be the most appropriate choice.
Lyon Air Museum is a unique event venue that provides an ideal setting for corporate events, memorial services, wedding receptions, and much more! Please contact us to learn more about hosting your next event at our stunning banquet hall in Orange County.