Many companies underestimate the value of periodically holding a corporate event for their employees. A corporate event can provide a massive boost to morale by breaking up the monotony of day-to-day operations, and giving employees something to look forward to. This article will briefly explain five specific times when it's appropriate - or even necessary - to plan a corporate event. After reading this article you should have a solid idea of when and why it's a smart and business-savvy idea to get everyone in the company together under one roof.

Awards Ceremonies

One important event that calls for a corporate gathering is an awards ceremony because it's vital to recognize the top achievers at your company. You can use this opportunity to reward the cream of the crop, including salespeople, support staff, newcomers and those who have been with the company for 5, 10, 25 or more years. By renting an event venue in Orange County you will have enough space to invite all employees and their spouses, and you'll have room left over for food and/or drinks.

Corporate Team Building Exercises

Team building exercises can boost morale and improve employee performance, especially in an organization that has a lot of newly hired employees. There are many fun and interactive team building exercises to choose from. Whatever activity you decide on, the focus should be on getting everyone - from trainees to managers - to work together toward a common goal.

New Product Launch

A new product launch is the perfect time to get everyone in the company together, especially if you expect the company's revenue to be driven by sales of the new product. You can use this opportunity to improve everyone's product knowledge, as well as give demonstrations of how to sell and/or use the product in question. 

Corporate Anniversary

One important event that many executives often forget, is the corporate anniversary. Some companies utilize the end-of-year or New Year's party to celebrate the corporate anniversary, but the holidays are such a busy time many corporations have decided to rent a banquet hall in Orange County in order to hold a separate event on or around the date of the company's inception.

Corporate Holiday Parties

This one is fairly obvious, but holiday parties should not be overlooked! The holidays are a great time to show appreciation to your employees, and it gives them a chance to interact with each other on a personal level, and strengthen the bonds of your team members.

There are many other opportunities throughout the year to host a corporate event, including some that might be specific to your company or field. For example, tax preparation companies often throw parties soon after the deadline for filing taxes has passed. If and when you decide to host a corporate event, consider using an Orange County event venue so that everyone can spend time together in an environment different from that which they are in every work day.