Choosing the right banquet hall for your corporate conference can truly make or break your event. 
The experience of each guest, catering options, and even the date of the event are all partially affected by the chosen event venue. We asked some of our favorite event planners to give us some of their guidelines for making this decision easier: 
Venue Style
Making an accurate and informed choice about your event venue begins during the initial planning stages. At this point, you will likely have determined the general type of venue for which you are looking. The next step is to give some thought to the style you prefer for your event. Making sure the venue reflects your organization’s image will probably play a vital role in how you make your decision. 
One corporate event planner in Irvine mentions “I always try and think outside the box when choosing a banquet hall in Orange County. Corporate events can be dry, but a unique venue like a museum, aquarium, or even a theme park can really liven up the event. I try to avoid hotel conference rooms if my budget permits it.”
However, it is still important to understand that it is perfectly acceptable to challenge the norms.  If you think your corporate conference requires a formal approach, you can still jazz up the event by unique seating layouts or a venue that is not directly related to the theme of your company, but which can be linked to it in a metaphoric way. Do not be afraid to blend a traditional approach with something unique, keeping in mind that a banquet hall can be set up virtually anywhere.
Important Factors Regarding Facilities
Making sure the facility rental has all the necessary components for your event is crucial! One event planner we work with in Newport Beach had the following to say about making sure your facility has all the amenities you require. “When I was still starting out as a planner, I booked a corporate conference at a beautiful event venue in Costa Mesa. I got a great price on it and I was on top of the world after signing the contract until I realized that the facility could not meet the lighting and sound requirements that my client had requested! The client unfortunately had to adapt their presentation, and they were not happy with me. Now I always make sure to run through a checklist of requirements before I book a facility.” 
A Word About Catering Options
Another aspect to which thought must be given when organizing a corporate conference is catering options. Not providing enough beverages and food may ultimately create unhappy, agitated guests. Similarly, filling the banquet hall with extravagant food displays and an excessive number of items may end up breaking your budget. Some venues work with specific caterers, while others leave the food and drinks up to the person who reserves the facility. This is a good thing to discuss in advance, so that you can choose the proper catering package if your conference involves food and beverages. The venue style, target audience, an underlying theme of your corporate conference are all factors that will help you determine the type of food to provide.
Final Considerations
It is also a good idea to discover the guest-to-staff ratio at the venue you are considering. Make sure there is adequate concierge support, security and wait staff available for the number of attendees expected. You should also ask if there is a venue coordinator to assist with last-minute issues on the day of your corporate conference. A satisfactory event is certainly within reach through careful planning and organizing, and following the aforementioned tips when choosing an event venue will increase your chances for success.