Planning an anniversary party is a fun occasion, whether you are organizing your own event or a special day for someone else. After the event venue in Orange County is chosen and the mundane tasks are out of the way, it is time to think about some unique and interesting pastimes to keep the party from becoming dull. Below are five fun activities couples can engage in at their next anniversary party:
Play a New Version of an Old Favorite
Playing “The Newly Wed Game” at an anniversary party is another terrific way to have fun and entertain guests. Simply ask both partners things that their spouse should know, and have them write down their answers to see if they still know each other as well as they did on their wedding day. This activity is a great crowd pleaser, as well as being an enjoyable pastime for the happy couple.
Revisit the Big Day
Many people videotape their weddings, but somehow never get around to watching the ceremony again. An anniversary party can be a great opportunity to remember that special day, and DVD equipment or other devices are easy to bring to a banquet hall in Orange County. After food and drinks, the couple and their guests can gather around and relive the big day together.
Turn Dessert Into an Activity
Cupcakes and other sweet tidbits are perfect fare for essentially any anniversary party. However, if they are served up in an outstanding way, they can become an activity all by themselves. For example, a tiered cupcake tower can be created for a stunning dessert, and with a little ingenuity, guests can indulge their sweet tooth and be entertained at the same time. Simply place a slip of paper with a specific year written on it underneath each cupcake. When guests choose a cupcake, they can tell the couple the date and each spouse can relate a happy memory, specific occasion or other notable event that took place that year.
Weather a couple has been married one year or 50, there are always unique activities to do in a party banquet hall or other event venue to keep things lively and interesting. Such activities are limited only by one's imagination, making it possible for anyone to create an anniversary party to remember.
Anniversary Karaoke
Depending on the event venue and the amount of space available, it may be fun to have a few members of the party take turns singing special love songs to entertain the guests of honor. Even if a person's singing skills are less-than-perfect, this activity can be quite entertaining, and even humorous, for the married couple. Each partner may even want to take turns singing a special love song to his or her spouse.
Photos provided by Ragi and Amanda