Halloween is one of our favorite seasons around the banquet hall at Lyon Air Museum. Between the decorations, candy, and costumes, what’s not to love!? 
You might remember that in 2017, we published a blog about easy ways to plan a Halloween event. Well we are back now to expand on those topics, and to take your Halloween event planning to the next level!
Enjoy these tips from some of the event planners we work with at our banquet hall in Orange County:
Halloween Themed Food
Not surprisingly, food options for your Halloween party are limited only by your imagination. Although caterers may be coming to the event facility to handle this task, you can still come up with your own ideas. Most caterers are flexible and can take a concept and run with it, such as “Dracula’s Dinner” or “Amityville Hors d’oeuvres.” 
If your event is more of a cocktail party and you are simply serving light finger food, consider a “mad scientist display.” Place bread dips such as beet hummus, guacamole and romesco in tall glasses resembling test tubes with funny fake labels indicating the substance from which the dips are supposedly made.
Another fun finger food is deviled eggs on which green pimento olives are placed to make them look like eyeballs. You can also try placing baked cocktail franks in pie crust strips and using almond slices for toenails. Add a drop of ketchup and ask your guests if they would care for a “severed toe.”
Ultimately, if you carefully plan and organize your party, you are almost guaranteed to have a successful gathering. Use the tips outlined above to make your party stand out as the one everyone will remember this fall. 
Decor with a Twist
Regardless of your event venue, an eerie atmosphere is essential to your party’s success. Try some black wreaths and batty centerpieces to create the perfect ambience. A novelty shop can supply you with some small artificial trees on which colonies of baleful bats are perched. Pair these spooky creations with ominous black wreaths and strategically place them for the creepiest effect possible.
Another ghostly idea for decor is to shun the typical jack-o’-lantern theme in lieu of some menacing mummy heads. Place cheesecloth wrapped pumpkins with black construction paper eyes in one part of the hall and then cleverly position a few coffins around the room containing the corresponding headless  “bodies.” 
Spider web placemats, vampire teeth napkin holders, and plastic skeleton hands holding the silverware are great table decorations that quickly create a hair-raising environment.
Games and Entertainment
One simple game that adults and children seem to enjoy equally is The Mummy Wrap! Gather a few cases of toilet paper rolls, and then have your attendees form teams of 3-4 people. One person on each time will be designated to be “mummified”, and the other team members will do their best to wrap that person in toilet paper in 60 seconds. You can then let the audience determine a winner. 
For milder entertainment at your banquet hall, consider activities such as horror movie trivia. Questions and answers can easily be found online. You can even hand out a small prize to the winner, such as a black candle or a bag of Halloween candy.
Another hilarious way to create a fun atmosphere at your party is to set up trays of mini beverage bottles, such as shot glasses. Guests can choose an item from the various trays, but won’t know whether it’s a treat (alcohol) or a trick (water or fruit juice) until they taste it.
We hope you’ve found these tips useful, and wish you luck planning your Halloween event!