Being a part of the events industry in 2019 means embracing a rapidly growing enterprise, where trends change in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, finding the perfect formula for such an event is not as difficult as it may at first seem, especially for those who are willing to incorporate and apply new methods.
In a field where very few things are consistent, it is important for event planners to be flexible, artistic, compelling, and finally, in touch with the desires of those who are participating in the event. Below are some of the newest and most important trends this year in the world of event planning:
Giving Attendees Greater Control
Personalization is a key trend in the 2019 event planning industry. This is because it has become increasingly obvious to event planners that attendees want more control over the schedule. For this reason, events are expected to be more customized than ever in 2019.
Personalization was frequently accomplished by establishing personalities based on attendee data. However, additional tools and data are predicted to help events to move away from “personas” to genuine customization, where the agenda is essentially in the hands of the attendees. The goal of the event planner should be to create a tailor-made experience designed to resonate at both collective and individual levels.
Better guest management can be accomplished through live polling, the latter of which allows guests to give planners real-time feedback. Silent conferences have also made a strong debut in the event planning industry. During such conferences, multiple individuals can make presentations in the same space,  where headphone-equipped attendees can toggle back and forth among the different speakers.
Sustainability Enters the Spotlight
Sustainability has definitely made its way into the spotlight in the field of event planning. For this reason it is now vital for large-scale events–particularly those that set the tone for the industry–to espouse sustainability at all levels. Even though small gestures may help, such as placing recycling bins at the event venue, a comprehensive approach is imperative.
Therefore, planners and venues alike must address a broad range of sustainability issues at each stage of the event lifecycle, such as pounds of wasted food, how much energy and electricity is needed for the event, and even the number of miles attendees must travel to participate. 
Currently, studies indicate that over 85 percent of consumers expect corporations to act on environmental and social issues. This is why such initiatives are now the expectation for any event, especially large-scale gatherings.
The Demand For Branded Apps
There is now an increasing demand for branded apps. This year, North American event planners expect an increase of approximately three percent in the use of such apps. This is not a surprising trend, as apps have pervaded the lives of essentially everyone in the developed world, with nearly every product and e-commerce website offering their own.
Typical Event Venues are a Thing of the Past
In 2019, thinking outside the box has become the new normal. Statistics show that over 90 percent of event venue owners and planners believe that there is a greater likelihood than ever before of events being booked outside the traditional banquet hall in Orange County.
In 2018, the Global Meetings Forecast predicted a four percent increase in the use of venues that are considered nontraditional. This year, it seems as if the race is on to see how many planners can think outside the conventional ballroom box to create more millennial friendly, unusual and appealing experiences.
However, it is essential to understand that the proper tools should be used to ensure that planners can source nontraditional event venues without draining resources and time. Fortunately, there are new venue sourcing platforms that make it simpler to locate facility rentals and fresh event spaces in Orange County that were once difficult to discover.
Even traditional hotels now offer unique venue options, such as scheduling large events on their rooftop space, where a temporary bar and entertainment can easily be set up. Planners organizing events at which <100 attendees are expected will probably begin using trendy, boutique spaces, museums and even small theaters for their gatherings.
Events should follow suit, and offer apps to assist with communication, engagement, itineraries, and to help guests connect with local activities and attractions. In 2019, event planners and venue owners can expect to see branded apps moving beyond the typical role as resources, into their own role as an engagement tool. 
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