In our time as a banquet hall in Orange County, we’ve learned that one of the biggest challenges that event planning professionals face is hiring and retaining competent event staff members. This is crucial as successful events are dependent on how your staff interacts with clients and audience members. Almost every event planning professional that we see come through our event venue has stressed to us how vital it is to hire individuals that you can trust to be the face of your brand. Below are some tips for hiring event staff:   

Carefully Craft Desired Behavioral Traits and Requirements for the Job 

To do this, you need to determine the needs of the company and the responsibilities the staff member will undertake. This allows you to easily identify the temperament and skill sets needed for the job. 
Use this information to identify desired behavior traits and requirements for the job. Making desired behaviors a part of the job description is as crucial as required skills, abilities and experience; because it conveys the drive and culture of your business.


Ensure the Employee Will Aptly Represent Your Brand
As the face of your promotion, party, or corporate event, the potential employee must be able to represent your brand well; therefore, only hire an individual who will project this image. Your company has a set of values and a culture that makes it stand out from the competition. These will influence the way events are run and how customers are treated. We’ve spoken with several event planners in Irvine who took advantage of our facility rental services, and they all agree that to be the perfect fit for your event, the employee will need to share all or most of the core values.
Carefully Screen Candidates to Discover Particular Skills
During the interview, questions like the ones below should be asked:
What is your motivation behind wanting to work in the events industry?
Please give me an example of a time you provided excellent customer service.
What would you tell a prospective client who is unsure about the value of contracting an event planner?
How would you handle an attendee or customer who is disappointed that a promised product or service was not delivered?
The answer to these questions will disclose how the contender interacts with other individuals, which is a critical requirement for employees in the events industry. You will also get to assess how the candidate thinks on their feet and whether or not they can maintain professionalism when presented with challenges.
Grill them about their resume
Listing a set of generic traits and skills on a resume is one thing; however, explaining those skills during an interview it is a totally different thing. Ask the potential employee to provide real-life examples of where and when those skills have been put to task. For inexperienced prospects, provide a scenario and ask how they would use their listed skills in that situation. This will assist you in gaining a better understanding of how they master those skills.  You will also get a clear picture of whether he or she truly possesses the required skills to fill the position. 
Focus on Body Language 
Do not allow yourself to get swayed solely by the attractiveness of the candidate. Place more focus on the tone and body language when hiring staff. These will be better indicators of their professional demeanor. 
Your employees are your most vital resources as it relates to lead generation, sales and making significant contributions to executing a successful event. Therefore, they should be treated as such. Additionally, it is essential that you invest the amount of time and effort necessary to hire, train and retain competent staff members.