Orange County Conference in Hangar
As a banquet hall in Orange County, we host a lot of corporate conferences, and we can tell you firsthand that planning a corporate convention can come with several challenges. For instance, events that deliver multiple messages or last too long can exhaust and drain everyone involved. This can lead to attendees feeling as if they are being lectured to, rather than being genuinely involved in the gathering.
Therefore, focusing on a clear and powerful message and being mindful of the itinerary and timeframe is a better way to proceed. Fortunately,  this is not as difficult as it may at first seem, and can be successfully accomplished by using the following corporate convention planning tips:
The Importance of Proper Planning
At first, the responsibility of organizing a corporate event can seem like an overwhelming task, but the key to overcoming this challenge successfully is to be resourceful and avoid uncertainties when planning the convention. Begin with a checklist, as this is an essential tool if you are to achieve your intended objectives. Draft your agenda far in advance and cover everything from the event’s design to the attendees’ itinerary and the food and drinks that will be served. Consider creating an event planning committee, if possible, and delegate specific tasks to each member, as this will certainly make things run more smoothly.
Offer True Value
When it comes to organizing corporate conventions, do not overlook key items that your audience may feel are important. Ask yourself what they are primarily looking for from the convention, and which topics they most want addressed. Sample survey tools can assist you to gather this data. The results not only help you build the agenda, but also boost your credibility with attendees. When business professionals attend a convention where everything is pursuant to their interests, they are far more likely to be satisfied with the event.
Highlight Design
You can easily get people in the spirit of the event with design. The mere color, texture and shape of your design elements can create the appropriate mood among your attendees. When choosing a theme, keep in mind that it should be something participants enjoy seeing as they enter the venue each day. Ultimately, conference staging and scenic design are outstanding tools to create the atmosphere you desire, and most importantly, an environment that is pleasing to your attendees.
Create a Balanced Environment 
Many people are not overjoyed at the idea of sitting in sessions all day. For this reason, variety is essential, and therefore you should create opportunities for attendees to move around. In order to stay interested, most individuals require a change of pace. Even just a simple break for 10 to 15 minutes to allow participants to catch up on texts and emails is usually both energizing and appreciated. A break of this kind also creates a good way for people to meet other attendees and socialize, which is always a positive situation at any convention.
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The Advantages of a Built-In Surprise
Regardless of the size of the convention–or your budget–it is still possible to create delightful, fun moments throughout your event. These may include anything from raffling branded corporate gifts, to entertaining performances or surprise outings. You may even choose to incorporate a gaming element into the convention, or use an augmented reality app to share information in unique, fun and creative ways. 
Never Overlook Food
Not surprisingly, food is a central satisfaction driver. Inspiring participants to sit down and enjoy good conversation over a shared meal is one of the best ways to promote networking and connection among attendees. However, offering the appropriate food and beverages is important, as your attendees will not quickly forget poor quality fare or food that does not reflect their tastes. For this reason, within your convention planning timeline, make sure to pencil in at least a modest amount of time for food tasting and quality testing.
Even with careful planning, organizing a corporate convention is a big undertaking. Fortunately, the tips outlined above will help you fashion a cohesive event were all the attendees are satisfied and eager to participate.