Lyon Air Museum has, in the past, offered a number of aviation classes for kids, ages eight and up. The Museum has experienced a significant interest in these classes so and is now exploring the idea of expanding the focus to offer a class entitled “Introduction to Modern Aviation for Adults”. This class will focus on providing  “traveling visitors” with all the fundamentals about your flights on private or commercial jet aircraft and is structured for parents and their older children (ages 15 and up). The curriculum will include:


A brief history of commercial aviation and the famous aircraft that enabled the air traveling environment we experience today
Introduction to the types of modern aircraft - from Cessna’s to 747s
The design of a current technology jet aircraft – from nose to tail
What does a modern jet cost and what are the driving factors – e.g., fuel and crews
An overview of the FAAs air traffic control system – how they manage 1000s of aircraft every day
How your flight crew navigates from flight planning to take-off to landing 
The modern jet flight deck – what’s going on up front?
How a modern jet is constructed on the factory floor
Weather forecasting and how your jet crew navigates around inclement weather
Is it possible for you to travel in a supersonic airliner any time soon?
Required pilot training and experience levels of your flight crews
How your flight crew can land in marginal weather
A video where you will follow a Boeing 777 airline captain and his crew plan and conduct a flight from Chicago O’Hare to London Heathrow 
This class will be approximately 3.5 hours with a coffee break in the middle. In addition, you may wish to stay a while longer and experience what flying an aircraft actually feels like by piloting the museum’s flight simulator. Class time can be scheduled to accommodate most of your busy schedules. If you are interested in attending this type of aviation class please email Also, please indicate which days of the week and times of day you would find most convenient.
The cost of the class includes admission to Lyon Air Museum. If you choose to attend a single class session, the adult fee is $12 ($9 for seniors age 60 and over and veterans) and kids (ages 5-17) is $6. A year family Museum membership is $85: a family of 4 may visit the Museum an unlimited number of times; including attending all the aviation classes and many Museum special events. You will be notified via email when a class is scheduled.
The Museum looks forward to providing a program that will assist our “traveling visitors” to better understand the aviation environment they will experience on their next flight in a modern jet aircraft.