Planning and executing a successful corporate event takes time, dedication, and a strong attention to details. From setting a budget, all the way to booking a banquet hall in Orange County, there's a lot that goes in to the planning process. To make the process run smoother, we've created a simple checklist to serve as a guide: 

Select the Date

The first step is to select the date for the event. Identify several dates that can be considered, and make sure that they are far enough in advance that you'll have plenty of time for planning. Choosing the date will help you when you begin the search for the event venue and vendors.


Develop the Theme

When considering the theme, think about the goal of the event. What's the main purpose, and what do you hope to get out of it? Developing the theme can take time, because you’ll need to create a name for your event, a tag line, and a logo. You want the name to attract attention, and it should make the purpose behind the event clear.

Set a Budget

The budget is one of the most detail oriented aspects of the overall plan. You should expect to spend a fair amount of time working on the budget, first by creating a line item list of all expenses, and then estimating the costs for each. Break down estimated costs for everything, including items like: speakers, food, entertainment, facility rental fees, and much more. Remember to add in a little extra padding, as we’ve found that a lot of corporate events will have unexpected expenses pop up during the planning process.

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Choose Your Banquet Hall

Before choosing a banquet hall in Orange County, you’ll need to have at least a rough idea of your head count. It’s important that you know up front that your corporate event venue has a large enough capacity to accommodate your needs, as well as your budget. Event venues in Orange County tend to book up quickly, so try to reserve your date as far in advance as you can. 

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Choose Vendors

Hold a brainstorming session to determine what types of vendors you'll need for your event. You want to work with vendors that will ensure your event runs smoothly, so check out their reputation and experience before you decide to enter an agreement. You'll also have to ensure that they're available on your chosen date, and that their costs fit within your budget. It’s also wise to check in with your event venue to see if they have any recommended vendors that they frequently work with.  


Make and Send Invitations

Once you have all of the details in place, you're ready to create and send out the invitations. Make sure you come up with an eye catching design and include all of the pertinent details for attendees. Working with a graphic designer that specializes in invitations can help ensure that the whole process goes smoothly, and that the invite fits in with your theme.

Have Back Up Plans

Remember that even the best laid plans can run into roadblocks, so be sure to create a backup! If something falls through, you should be able to make a phone call and get things back on track as quickly and easily as possible. Having that extra padding in the budget will also help if contingency plans are needed.
We hope that these tips will serve you well as you plan your next corporate event!