Lyon Air Museum is excited to introduce a new program designed to inspire our younger visitors to explore flight, aerospace and other related STEM subjects. Aviation for Kids is designed for children in grades 3 and above. Our curriculum features hands-on learning and addresses a variety of engaging subjects, including:
A bit of aviation history — How did humankind learn to build an airplane? Why were the Wright brothers successful when others had failed?
The 4 fundamental forces of flight that affect every flying machine, whether an airplane, rocket, or drone. Kids will experience lift and drag on an airplane wing.
The types of airplanes and their major components
Fight control experience with an RC model plane
Building and "test flying" a simple model glider, which your child will take home
Flight path control and introduction to the flight deck (aircraft controls and flight instruments, including GPS)
Aircraft checklists and flight planning
Basic piloting — take-off, maneuvering, and landing — in the Museum’s dynamic flight simulator
Aviation career opportunities
Additionally, this program covers all of the requirements for the Scouts Aviation Merit Badge. If you have children who are interested in joining one or more our aviation classes, please contact our education department or call 714-210-4585