The company picnic is a time honored tradition that many employees look forward to all year. Gathering to enjoy great food, good weather, and the company of your coworkers is the perfect way to celebrate summer.
We asked some of the event planners that we work with at our event venue in Orange County to give us their tips on planning a corporate BBQ.
You’ll want to get invites out early so you can get a proper head count well in advance of your corporate event, especially since the significant others and children of your employees will be in attendance.
The Food
We’re sure it comes as no surprise that the food is widely considered to be the most important part of any company picnic! 
Standard fare like hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken and ribs will be expected by your guests, and it is up to you and your budget to decide whether or not you have these items catered, or fire up the grill and make them yourself.
It’s also not uncommon to have a potluck where different employees bring different items like potato salad, fresh fruit, salad or beverages.
Choosing an Event Venue
There are plenty of places to hold a corporate event in Orange County, but for a picnic you’ll need a large open space with lots of sunshine and room for activities. 
To check out the listings for parks and facility reservations in Costa Mesa, Newport Beach or Irvine check out the respective websites for each city.
Now for the fun stuff. The best part of any company picnic is the games! We suggest playing games that are designed for teamwork in mind as opposed to games that focus on individuals. 
Games that rely on teamwork will usually help to build morale, and gather a crowd so that even the guests who aren’t playing are still engaged with the outcome of the activity. Games like relays, egg tosses, and the fan favorite potato sack races are all staples for any company picnic.
Splish Splash
If you’re really looking to build morale, few things work better than putting the boss in a dunk tank! This shows the troops that you have a sense of humor, and aren’t above poking fun at yourself for the good of the team. For added fun, you can charge a small fee per throw, and donate the money to a charity of your choice.
We hope that you’ve found these tips useful, and that you and your employees will enjoy your day in the sun!