Planning an event is an ideal way to promote your brand and draw new clients to your business. By following the six steps outlined below, you can greatly increase the turnout for your gathering and ensure a successful event:
Focus on the Benefits
Rather than simply talking about your product or brand, you should initially focus on highlighting the benefits of attending the event itself. This is a great way to advertise, as it instantly generates interest among people who may have overlooked your brand or service, as well as create interest among those who are actually searching for an event.
Additionally, when the purpose of your event is identified, it helps you reach the appropriate demographic, which is also a vitally important step with regard to increasing attendance. 
Utilize Social Media
As soon as you begin planning an event, take advantage of social media to begin spreading the word. Fostering brand advocacy and building brand value can be initiated and maintained through various social media tools, as well as help increase attendance at the event itself. Make sure you take a comprehensive approach when using social media, such as a dedicated page for your event, the creation of a hashtag, personally inviting people on social media to attend the event, and asking those you are connected with to share your link. Monitor the page and answer messages as soon as possible and pay close attention to your feedback.
When planning an event, always consider your time frame and be aware of which days work better than others. Weekdays are sometimes better for specific events, as people are already in a business-workday frame of mind. However, other events are best scheduled on a Friday or Saturday evening. This largely depends on a broad range of factors, such as the demographic you are targeting and the type of event being planned. Carefully considering all these aspects in advance will ensure the best turnout.
Wise Use of Invitations
When planning an event, always send more invitations than you think you need. In reality, many people respond to an invitation merely because it is easy to do so, especially when it is sent on social media. If your event is free, send as much as 35% more invitations than you actually need for a successful event. In this way, “no-shows” can be replaced with those who responded to the extra invitations.
Get a Sponsor
Sponsorships and partnerships are essential for large-scale events that require high attendance. A media partner is a particularly helpful tool because they are able to advertise on a greater scale than you would likely be able to do yourself. Getting sponsorship from appropriate brands and partnering with similar businesses can also substantially increase attendance.
Location can make or break any event, and therefore you should choose yours with care. Consider things such as the scheduled time of your event in relation to traffic patterns at that hour, as well as the ease or difficulty associated with parking at the event venue you’ve chosen. People often avoid events simply because they do not want to fight traffic or struggle for parking space, and you should never lose attendees over such minor issues. Ultimately, when the steps above are followed, it is not difficult to plan a successful event.
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