One of our favorite types of events to hold at our banquet hall in Orange County is fundraisers! We absolutely love it when our unique event space can help to facilitate a worthy cause receiving the awareness and funds that it deserves.
If you are planning a charity event, some of our favorite event planners have been nice enough to share some of their creative ideas that are simple, profitable, and designed to help you hit your fundraising goal!
Schedule a Taste-Off
One event planner in Newport Beach shared her creative idea for a “taste-off” with us.
“As an event planner, I’ve built relationships with a few different restaurants and caterers that I recommend to my clients. I reached out to a few of each for a charity fundraiser I was planning and mentioned that there was going to be a lot of local business owners at this particular event, and that it would be a great opportunity for them to get exposure with some powerful people in the area. I organized a “taste-off” where folks got a certain amount of tickets to exchange for samples of the food. This was all included in the price of admission. However, if they wanted to try more food, they would then purchase more tickets. Our guests were happy because it was delicious food, the caterers were happy because it was a ton of exposure, and we raised a lot of money for charity!”
Live Band Karaoke Event
An event manager in Irvine filled us in on her favorite idea for a charity event.
“I had never heard of “live band karaoke” before this particular event, but it’s just how it sounds. A live band provides a book of songs that they can play as your attendees sing the lyrics! As the night went on, the guests started challenging each other. A singer would finish their song, and then nominate a friend to sing next. If that person refused to sing, they would then make a donation to the charity as their “bail”. Everyone had a fantastic time, and we surpassed our goal!”
90’s Theme Party
If the demographic for your event is people in their 30’s and 40’s, a 90’s theme party is a great idea that has seen a lot of success in recent years. You are certain to sell a lot of tickets to your event, and your guests will have a ball digging through their closets for their scrunchies, overalls, and neon fanny packs! 
Make sure to give your DJ a playlist of the top hits from the 90’s, and provide party favors like slap bracelets, tootsie pops, temporary tattoos and pop rocks.
Headshot Station
This one came from an event manager in Tustin.
“I have to admit this was not my idea,I actually found it on Pinterest! Anyway, at one of my fundraising events we were doing the usual silent auction and ticket raffle, but I also reached out to a local photographer to see if he wanted to help us raise money; and gain exposure for his business at the same time. He set up his camera and a backdrop in the event venue, and then people would come by and get a fresh headshot taken for their LinkedIn profile, website, or whatever. We had a lot of extra donations come in from people who utilized that service, and our photographer said he passed out a lot of cards and got more than a few phone calls after the event. It worked out great!”
All of us here at Lyon Air Museum hope that you’ve found these tips to be helpful while planning your next fundraiser!