Some people are surprised to learn that Lyon Air Museum also doubles as a banquet hall in Orange County. 
After a recent wedding reception that we hosted in our event space, a guest commented “I had no idea this place was also an event venue! I had been here once before with my kids just to see the planes, but the way the museum lights up at night is absolutely breathtaking.”
Lyon Air Museum is what is referred to as an alternate venue; meaning that although our facility is available for rental in Orange County, facility rentals are not our primary focus. That being said, there are some differences between our event venue, and that of a hotel, country club, or restaurant.
For those event planners who are interested in hosting an event in a museum, we’ve put together a list of tips and things to consider.
Lighting & AV
If your event requires the lights to be anything other than “on” or “off”, it’s best to check in ahead of time with your event venue to confirm that they can accommodate your specific lighting needs.
Often times event organizers will need the lights dimmed for ambience, projectors, or guest introductions. All of which can usually be accommodated, but you may need to work with an outside vendor for an additional fee in order to get the lighting to your specifications.
Event Lighting Before
House Lights
Pacific Coast Entertainment Lighting at Lyon Air Museum
Event Lighting provided by Pacific Coast Entertainment
Heating and Cooling
If temperature is a concern, you should check in with your contact at the banquet hall ahead of time. Some museums are temperature controlled in order to preserve their exhibits and artifacts, so they might not be able to turn on the heat, or crank up the air conditioning.
If you are looking for a museum to be your corporate event venue, then internet access is something you should take into consideration. 
Make sure to ask your contact at the museum how many devices their Wi-Fi can support.
You can generally expect to pay a little extra if you’re holding your event at a museum, as opposed to holding it at a venue that is specifically designated for hosting events. 
The difference in price can be attributed to a few different things, including the cost of cleaning and maintenance, as well as the staff and security that will be onsite for your event to ensure the security of the artifacts. 
You should not let this deter you, however. If you are selling tickets or charging admission for your event, the added benefit of hosting your affair at a museum will generate buzz, and more than likely increase attendance. 
The Perks
Now that we’ve covered some of the challenges you’ll face, we can discuss the benefits!
Hosting your event at a museum ensures a certain sense of class and culture that you might not be able to otherwise find at a hotel or designated event space. The scenery is certain to leave a lasting impression on your guests, and you can be sure that you will have stunning photos of your event.
We hope that you’ve found these tips informative, and we wish you luck in planning your next event!