Most people would agree that retirement is one of the most monumental milestones that life has to offer. 
One retiree in Irvine smiled as he said “The day I retired was literally the best day of my life. Birthdays happen once a year, but you only retire once, and it feels even better than I thought it would”.
To help celebrate such a momentous occasion, we’ve put together a list of our tips for retirement parties based on the many retirement parties we've hosted at our event venue in Orange County.
Memory Lane
One of the recent retirement parties that was held at our facility rental featured a “memory lane” that was comprised of a wall of photos in chronological order. The photos began in 1957 when the guest of honor started working, and spanned all the way up until 2017 when they retired. Below each photograph was the year in which it was taken, along with a blurb about the retiree’s life and career at that point in time.
At the end of memory lane was a recent photo of the guest of honor that the event organizers had enlarged into a poster, along with a tray full of permanent markers for the guests to sign the poster and present to the retiree at the end of the night.
In our experience, the theme usually reflects the industry that the retiree is leaving behind. For instance, at our Orange County banquet hall we have hosted many retirement parties with military themes. As you would expect, those parties were decorated with American flags, bald eagles, and green helmets as far as the eye could see.
We’ve also been host to retirement parties for police officers, firefighters, pilots, contractors, business people and more.
The Bucket List
The idea behind this activity is that your guests will all write down their suggestions for activities and experiences to add to the retirees bucket list
For this activity, all you will need is a bucket (preferably decorated), along with some note cards and pens all spread out on a table for your guests to utilize at their leisure. 
The bucket list is one of our favorite retirement party activities because it is inexpensive, but is still fun for your guests, and impactful for your guest of honor.
This is one of the most important parts of the retirement festivities, and should be handled with special care.
We recommend designating a time toward the end of the event to have people speak. You should consider designating the speakers beforehand, and give them a time limit. Opening up the floor to anyone who would like to say something could potentially mean a long-winded rant with no end in sight.
Additionally, we recommend having your guest of honor close out this portion of the festivities with some remarks of their own. Be sure to tell the retiree ahead of time that this is the plan so they have time to gather their thoughts and make a list of people they would like to thank. 
Putting your guest of honor on the spot is not advised.
We have hosted many retirement parties at our Orange County banquet hall. Our unique event space is certain to provide an ambience that your guest of honor will never forget.