Every company or organization wants a successful holiday party. Whether you are starting a new tradition or hosting such an event for the first time, here are 10 terrific tips to make your holiday party an unforgettable occasion.
Focus on Key Dates
Make sure the dates you choose are favorable to the major players at your event. Ultimately, you should do everything possible to ensure that the core group can attend. Naturally, it’s impossible to please everyone, but building the party around the holiday schedules of your VIPs is a good way to proceed.
Select Your Event Venue With Care   
Finding the appropriate event venue in Orange County is essential to the success of the party. This is why it is good to give significant thought to something unusual, rather than the same old banquet hall or hotel conference room. People like to think outside the box during the holiday season, so why not wow them with something different this year?
Be Mindful of Your Needs When Appointing Helpers 
Getting the right team in place is also a vital step in planning a successful holiday party. Whether a project calls for a group effort or just a few key helpers, make sure you have someone in charge of each moving part. This ensures a seamless event with as few last-minute glitches as possible.
Get Creative With Invitations
In today’s connected world, there are multiple options for extending invitations. You can send group emails, evites, group texts, or use social media sites to tap your prospective guests and let them know they are welcome to the event. You can even send traditional invitations by mail! Whichever option you choose, however, make sure you describe the party creatively—make it sound as something no one would want to miss, as this almost always increases turnout.
Select a Great Festive Theme 
In addition to your overall party theme, plan some extra fun activities that anyone can join. For example, you could set up a karaoke station, do a gift exchange, let attendees participate in simple games, or section off an area as a small dance floor.
Feeding Your Guests                                  
Spend a bit of time focusing on the type of food you want to have at your party. It is not necessary to overspend, but the food must be delicious. Regardless of what you choose for the main meal or buffet, don’t forget to include options for vegetarians and those who must follow a gluten-free diet. Regarding the amount of food, it’s better to err on the side of generosity and have a little too much than not enough.
Offer Special Drinks
A terrific touch to any holiday party is seasonal drinks. For a winter party, hot buttered bourbon or a hot toddy is just the ticket; warm apple cider or mulled wine is also an excellent choice. For summer events, all ice-cold drinks are welcome.
Get Creative with Music 
Hire a reputable DJ who can not only provide a great mix of music, but who can also make suggestions based on the theme of the party and the average age of the attendees. If you want to go for something different, try switching music genres as you go along, such as starting out with dance music or pop and ending up with big band tunes or oldies.
Don’t Forget the Kids
Always remember to include something for children. For example, create a section that can be their own play area, and add games or toys to occupy the youngsters while their parents are mingling. A hot cocoa bar for the kids is a nice touch as well.
Focus on Safety 
Finally, make sure all your guests get home safely. Provide rides for your employees or offer to call a taxi or Uber for those who are better off not driving after the party. You should also consider researching accommodation options or deals on hotel rooms near your venue.
Planning a holiday celebration is fun, but it can be stressful at the same time. However, when you choose the best event venue in Orange County and follow the tips outlined above, you may find that organizing such a party is easier than you think.