As a leading banquet hall in Orange County, we have the pleasure of working with a lot of very skilled event planners and event marketers. These talented professionals have been kind enough to share with us a few of the online tools that they utilize in order to make sure that their event is properly marketed to maximize attendance.
If you’re looking to take your event planning game to the next level, check out some of these tools that our event marketers have recommended:
TINT is a great social media tool that focuses on curation by scouring sites for pictures relating to the phrases and hashtags associated with your event. This allows you to acquire more sales and increase click-through rates, as you can look at the resulting pictures and select the ones you want to use after obtaining the appropriate legal rights. This is all accomplished from within the app. Ultimately, TINT is a very efficient tool to help your social media channels outshine their competition.
Hootsuite is another social media management app that is ideal for midsize or small businesses. It saves you time by creating multiple social media posts simultaneously, and scheduling them to go live at the time you prefer. Hootsuite also gives you access to detailed analytics, which makes it easy to determine the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts.
One professional that we’ve worked with at our Orange County event venue had the following to say about this web app, “Hootsuite has been invaluable in getting the word out regarding my events. It has saved me so much time because I can create one post and then publish it across multiple platforms. Additionally I can schedule the posts ahead of time as opposed to having to login to each account every single day and create new posts individually.”
Airtable is a task management tool that is one part database and one part spreadsheet. It is entirely capable of organizing your project in any way you prefer. An extremely flexible and versatile app, Airtable is user-friendly as well. You simply choose what you wish to organize, and include all pertinent information. The collaboration features of this app are what makes it a top choice among many professionals. 
An event marketer in Newport Beach mentions, “planning and marketing event is a lot like juggling knives. If you fumble one, the whole thing could be a disaster. With so many different things to do like booking your event venue, designing invitations, deciding on the creative for your ads, etcetera, it makes it really nice to have a web app where you can organize all the different tasks and track their progress.
Slack is a great communication tool for businesses of all types and makes conversing with team members quick and efficient. It is a collaboration hub for business, and all conversations take place within specific channels. These can be segmented and organized in a variety of ways, such as by topic, project or department. Users can be part of as many channels as needed, and all conversations are searchable by all team members. The app can also store videos and files, and Slack can be integrated with Asana, Dropbox and G Suite as well.
One of our favorite event marketers in Tustin had the following to say about Slack, “when you’re planning a big event, the ability to centralize communication from all of your subordinates is huge. My team was a little reluctant to use it at first, but now everyone loves it, and our efficiency has definitely increased.”
Looker is an intelligence app designed to produce useable data to virtually anyone within an organization, as opposed to just the data analysis team. The app helps businesses grow more efficiently by giving each user a comprehensive picture of what’s happening with their projects. Event planning teams can keep track of a variety of things, such as how effective their sign-up CTAs are and where prospective attendees are most likely to learn about their events.
Marketo is another highly efficient marketing automation platform designed for midsize companies to help them develop and refine campaigns. Users need not involve themselves in any coding, which is a big advantage of this tool. Marketo includes a broad range of digital marketing tools to organize event promotion around-the-clock. These include analytics, SEO, and automated email functions.