As one of the most diverse banquet halls in Orange County, you can imagine that we have held some pretty unique events here at Lyon Air Museum. While we’re happy to host standard corporate events in our event space, it’s always exciting when we have event organizers that take their event to the next level.
Some of the most interesting functions that we have seen recently have been sales incentive events. These special events are designed to reward sales staff for their hard work and dedication. Certainly we don’t have to tell you that a happy sales person is more inclined to sell, but with creative incentives, your sales staff is sure to go the extra mile.
 Below we have detailed just a few of our favorite sales incentive events that we have seen come through our event venue in Orange County.
An Island Adventure
For this corporate event the sales people all met at Lyon Air Museum early in the morning. Upon their arrival they were met with a delicious breakfast buffet that was equipped with mimosas and all the fixings. 
Incentive Event at Lyon Air Museum
Next, they were treated to their choice of sunglasses as a special gift that would come in handy for the next part of this spectacular event. The attendees took their time carefully selecting their new shades, making sure that the fit and feel was just right.
Incentive Event at Lyon Air Museum
For the grand finale, the guests of honor made their way to the runway right outside of Lyon Air Museum’s hangar doors, where there were private planes waiting to take them to Hawaii! It’s safe to say that these employees felt more than appreciated for their contribution, and this was an incentive event that they will not soon forget.   
It’s important to remember that the Lyon Air Museum is positioned on the John Wayne airport runway, so we are fully capable of facilitating the arrival or departure of air craft. Whether you’re looking to take off on an adventure after your event, or impress your guests by arriving in style, you can do so right outside of our prominent hangar doors.
Get to the Chopper
When we say that Lyon Air Museum can facilitate the arrival and departure of an aircraft, you should know that is not limited to only airplanes. We have also had a number of events at our Orange County banquet hall that have featured helicopter rides. 
Incentive Events Helicopter Ride at Lyon Air Museum
Lyon Air Museum works with OC Helicopters to schedule helicopter tours of Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and the Orange County coast.  And the best part – tours start at just $159 per person! 
Additionally, charter flights are available to destinations such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs, and more upon request. 
Come Fly With Me
Incentive event flight adventure at Lyon Air Museum
Photo courtesey of Asea Tremp Photography
If you’re looking for a sales incentive event that will set yours apart from the rest, you should consider treating your guests to a ride in a vintage air craft!
Lyon Air Museum works with Aviator Flight Training to offer our guests multiple scenic flight experiences to choose from.  We recommend the “Sights of Southern California”, which is a tour of Los Angeles landmarks like the Hollywood Sign, Downtown L.A., Dodger Stadium and more.
We hope this information has been helpful, and we hope that you’ll come visit our beautiful event venue in Orange County very soon!