Connection C-45

Lyon Air Museum (LAM) proudly displays vintage WWII aircraft and vehicles along with a handful of classic cars.  A world class museum, Lyon Air Museum also provides hands on learning experiences with interactive displays.  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit in an actual cockpit?  What a view out of an actual C-45 windshield looks like?  What the instruments look like in an airplane?  Well now you can make the connection and see all of these things and more when you sit in the museum’s fully restored SNB-5 (C-45 Twin Beech) cockpit.  As a wonderful learning tool, you can e


Non-Profit Galas

Nonprofit galas are one of our favorite types of events to host at our banquet hall in Orange County. Lyon Air Museum has had the pleasure of hosting a multitude of fundraisers, and we are always excited to help support a great cause.
We know how difficult it can be to plan a successful nonprofit gala, so we’ve asked some of our favorite event planners to give us their tips for coordinating a successful fundraiser. 
Be a Good Partner


4 Tips for Planning a Going Away Party

Going away parties are bitter sweet gatherings where guests reminisce about the past, and make new memories that will be cherished in the future. Our banquet hall in Orange County has hosted several going away parties over the years, and we’ve asked some of our favorite event planners to give us their tips for planning a memorable event that will be a fitting goodbye for your loved ones. 


Wedding Receptions

Every summer Lyon Air Museum has the pleasure of hosting multiple wedding receptions at our banquet hall in Orange County. In an effort to help ease the stress of couples who are currently planning a wedding, we’ve asked some of our favorite event planners to give us their tips for planning a fantastic reception.  
Setting the Budget
This was unanimously regarded as the most important tip for planning a wedding reception. 

LYON AIR MUSEUM HOSTS “Vintage Motor Racing – with a Special Tribute to Dan Gurney” Exhibit JULY 1 – SEPTEMBER 3, 2018

Santa Ana, Calif., June 6, 2018 – Lyon Air Museum, a world class showcase of historic aircraft and vintage automobiles, to host exhibit, “Vintage Motor Racing – with a Special Tribute to Dan Gurney.”  Nine breathtaking examples of race cars that made motor racing history will be presented alongside historic aircraft, July 1 – September 3, 2018 at the Museum, located on the west side of John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. 

Planning A Company Picnic

The company picnic is a time honored tradition that many employees look forward to all year. Gathering to enjoy great food, good weather, and the company of your coworkers is the perfect way to celebrate summer.
We asked some of the event planners that we work with at our event venue in Orange County to give us their tips on planning a corporate BBQ.


Docent Spotlight: Larry Liguori

     It was a day that Lyon Air Museum Docent Larry Liguori will never forget. Sitting in the left seat as Captain of a United Airlines 747-400, the massive jumbo jet had just lifted off the runway from Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX) enroute to Sydney, Australia (YSSY). Just minutes after departure the number four (right outboard) engine experienced a catastrophic uncontained failure and fire, leaving the engine shut down and hanging precariously from the pylon with a 30° downward tilt.

American Icons Confront the Red Menace Over Korea

The war of aggression waged by North Korea and its communist allies (1950-1953) severely tested the resolve of the free world and the viability of the United Nations as an enforcer of international law.  Fought in the aftermath of the most destructive war in human history, and under the shadow of nuclear weapons, the Korean War evolved into a lengthy and indecisive war of attrition that would ultimately end in stalemate.  Weary of war and complacent in victory over the Axis Powers, the United States and its allies were ill prepared to confront the massive onslaught from North Korea.

ONCE A PILOT… The Story of USAF Colonel Rex L. Poutré

May 3rd, 2018. Rex Poutré died today and America lost another of its valiant heroes. Colonel Rex L. Poutré fought his last battle and surrendered peacefully. As an Air Force pilot and career officer he had done more than his share to defend our country and to ensure its constant readiness. He fought in the skies over Germany—scoring 4 kills in air combat as a P-51 pilot—flew F-84 ground attack missions in Korea—and flew Forward Air Controller (FAC) missions in Vietnam. These and many other accomplishments highlighted his service throughout the war years and the Cold War.