Tips for Event Budgeting

In our time managing a banquet hall in Orange County, we've learned that event planning can be a very challenging responsibility. More often than not, the success (or lack thereof) of an event heavily depends on a well thought out budget. We've seen a lot of corporate events, high end birthday parties and wedding receptions come through our event venue, and we've seen a lot of fantastic events put on with conservative budgets. 

Here are our tips for organizing a budget for your Orange County event:

Outline Your Budget With an Appropriate Tool



June 6, 1944 was the beginning of the end of World War II. The objective of D-Day was to prevent Hitler from launching an eleventh-hour effort to destroy London. And there was fear that Germany had the atomic bomb. Hitler had to be stopped. 
Supreme Headquarters of Allied Expeditionary Forces [SHAEF], commanded by General Dwight D. Eisenhower, planned a huge operation that would begin with D-Day in June and continue through August. Code-name for the project was OVERLORD. 

Corporate Event Trends


Every year, over 200 million participants attend corporate events, meetings, galas and other such gatherings in America. This is according to a 2009 report by PwC titled, "Economic Significance of Meetings to the US Economy." The report further says that, out of the 1.8 million gatherings held in America each year, 1.3 million are corporate events, with event organizers spending an average of $1,230 per attendee. With corporate events becoming more popular, we’ve seen a substantial amount of creativity and innovation come through our corporate event venue in Orange County. 

5 Special Occasions That Call for a Corporate Event

Many companies underestimate the value of periodically holding a corporate event for their employees. A corporate event can provide a massive boost to morale by breaking up the monotony of day-to-day operations, and giving employees something to look forward to. This article will briefly explain five specific times when it's appropriate - or even necessary - to plan a corporate event. After reading this article you should have a solid idea of when and why it's a smart and business-savvy idea to get everyone in the company together under one roof.


Doolittle Raiders 59th Reunion

On May 11, 2001 a group of 12 restored Mitchell B-25’s took off from Fresno airport on a circuitous route to commemorate Doolittle’s raid on Japan of April 18, 1942. Among the planes was Lyon Air Museum’s Guardian of Freedom. Complete with fighter escort the group flew over Central Valley, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and over a replica of the USS Hornet anchored at Alameda in San Francisco Bay. [The original aircraft carrier Hornet was sunk in The Battle of Santa Cruz in the Solomon Islands October 26, 1942].


Corpsman Hitler, U.S. Navy?

Adolf Hitler’s nephew served in the US Navy in WWII. William P. Hitler was sworn in on March 6, 1944 and went on to serve for three years as a pharmacist’s mate receiving a Purple Heart medal for a wound he suffered.
William Patrick Hitler was born March 12, 1911 in Liverpool, England. His father was Alois Hitler Jr., the half-brother of Adolf Hitler. Alois left his wife and son to travel Europe. He eventually moved to Germany, remarried (although he was still married), and started a new family.

Event Planning Resources

Planning your next event requires advance planning, logistics and forethought. Whether you are hiring an outside event planning company to bring your event to life or assigning the task to one of your employees, finding the right decor and supplies is essential to pulling off the perfect event. As an event venue in Orange County, we’ve been host to dozens of beautiful corporate events, milestone birthday parties, wedding receptions and luxury events.

Docent Spotlight: Bud Carter

Bud Carter as an aviation cadet c.1944

     Lyon Air Museum Docent Bud Carter vividly remembers when, as a young teenager, his life changed forever. “On December 6, 1941 my biggest worry was whether or not my high school girlfriend was going to go to a school dance with me the following week. The next day, December 7, my biggest worry became how I was going to fight for my country. When I went to school the following Monday, half the boys were gone. They were in Los Angeles, enlisting in the military. In one weekend, my life and the course of this entire country changed forever.”