Fall is finally here and that means warm clothes, pumpkin spice lattes and for event planners in Orange County, it means that it’s time to start planning the company holiday party!
Holiday parties are an occasion that a lot of employees look forward to all year long. It’s an opportunity for coworkers to enjoy each other’s company and interact on a more personal level than their everyday work environment may allow.
With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of holiday party trends for 2017 that we hope you’ll find useful when planning your corporate holiday party!
Games & Entertainment
In years previous the “Casino Night” theme was very popular. A lot of holiday parties featured rented roulette, craps, and blackjack tables along with hired dealers to give the party a Vegas vibe. 
However, this year we’ve seen a lot of corporate events move away from the traditional Casino Night theme. In the place of casino games, we’ve seen a growing trend of novelty sized board games during the parties at our event venue in Orange County.
These game ideas are relatively inexpensive, and are sure to keep your guests entertained: 
5 foot tall Jenga game: http://amzn.to/2wytzSq
120” x 120” Checker board: http://bit.ly/2wHVKtm
Oversized 4 in-a-row game: http://bit.ly/2xk0nfe
Believe it or not, we’ve also seen a resurgence of karaoke! While you might think of karaoke as being pass√®, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the waiting list gets filled with attendees eager to get their shot on the microphone. For added fun, you could hold a karaoke contest to determine who has the best pipes at your party. Let your guests judge the contest and offer a prize for the winner. This is something that everyone in the office will be talking about come Monday morning.
Fun Favors
You might be surprised to learn that selfie sticks are becoming one of the most popular party favors we see at our banquet hall in Orange County. Before you roll your eyes; hear us out! Passing out selfie sticks to your guests will ensure that they take lots of pictures of themselves having a good time at your corporate event. We also recommend coming up with a hashtag for your event so attendees can easily find and browse through event photos on their social media platforms. 
You can find wholesale selfie sticks here: http://bit.ly/2flFHyT
Unique Event Venue
Lyon Air Museum Facility Rental Event Venue www.lyonairmuseum.org
Attendees of your holiday party are hoping for a venue that is as far from ordinary as possible. When choosing a banquet hall in Orange County, your goal should be to find a place that will break up the monotony of your guest’s daily routine.  While renting out a room in a hotel or restaurant for your party may suffice, finding a more unique facility will really leave a lasting impression on your guests. Lyon Air Museum is a truly unique event venue with a stunning aesthetic that your guests won’t soon forget. Our 30,000 square foot hangar showcases an immaculate collection of historic aircraft and vintage vehicles from World War II era. Call us today at (714) 210-4585 to learn more about our facility rental packages.