Planning events is not nearly as difficult as it was at one time due to the tremendous number of resources now available to business entrepreneurs. For example, whether you are a seasoned professional or are new to this arena, finding the appropriate event venue in Orange County is probably your first priority. Below are some resources that will help you with everything, from booking the most appropriate banquet hall to deciding on the best ways to create your itinerary during the event.


Try Whova

If you are looking for all-in-one event management software, you need look no further than Whova.com.  This software was given the seal of approval from major players in the business world such as L’Oreal Cosmetics, LEGO, IKEA, and TEDx, as well as private and nonprofit organizations like the American Heart Association and the Rockefeller Foundation. Utilizing Whova ultimately saves you a significant amount of time organizing your event. It offers a practical combination of tools, such as those pertaining to management, online registration, and marketing. There is also an event app included. Whova won three Event Technology Awards in a row for these and other effective tools.


Check out Peerspace

Peerspaceis also a good tool if you are searching for an event venue and want something a lot more interesting than the traditional banquet hall or ballroom. This app is easy to use, as all you must do is enter the kind of event you plan to hold and the location in which it will take place. Then, simply browse through hundreds of detailed listings with in-depth descriptions, high-quality photos, and reviews from past renters.


Don’t Forget Hard Copy Resources

Event Planningby Judy Allenis a bestseller that is a highly informative, general guide to event planning. Considered by some as the ultimate guide, it covers topics such as site management for your event, the planning process, and even preparing and managing your budget. The book includes checklists, forms, and helpful tips for your event. It also has a very interesting section that includes case studies of events that were both successful and unsuccessful, and why.



If you are an event professional, you will probably find that you can receive a free subscription to BizBash. If this is the case, definitely take the subscription and enjoy reading a magazine in which all aspects of event planning are addressed. The articles are high quality, engaging, and informative, making this an excellent event planning tool.


Plannerwire is a great resource as well, as this tool fills a very specific demand: their goal is to provide guidance for those event-planning aspects that are technical in nature. From suggestions about the best photo editing apps to guidance on creating time-lapse videos, you’ll find Plannerwire’s articles and tip sheets easy to understand and highly readable. This is a simple and effective way to get the information you need without becoming overwhelmed.



Social media marketing is a vital part of advertising for your event, and Hootsuite allows you to control all your social media channels and feeds from a central location on their website. This gives you the invaluable option of monitoring everything that’s happening on your various social media sites with regard to your event.



Event Planning Hashtags on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

If your mind is on securing the best facility rental in Orange County, don’t overlook Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for inspiration. Checking out what other event planners are doing and what the most recent trends are can quickly spark your own creativity and motivate you to try something different at your next conference or gala. Sometimes the things you stumble upon by accident are the best inspiration.


Ultimately, it’s always in your best interest to think outside the box and consider an unusual and interesting event venuethat will breathe new life into your production. The aforementioned tools will help you to accomplish this for your next event, as well as ensure the most successful outcome possible for all your future endeavors.