As a corporate event venue in Orange County, we have hosted dozens of businesses as they hold meetings, conferences and seminars for their employees. One of our favorite parts of hosting these gatherings is seeing what kind of cool giveaways the attendees will receive.
One business owner in Irvine told us “We like to give our employees a little something to take home with them whenever we have a conference. It shows our appreciation for their attention during what can sometimes be a tiresome day, and it gives us an opportunity to build our brand. We want to give them a high quality item with our logo on it that they will be proud to use publicly.”
An executive in Newport Beach added “Happy employees are one of the best forms of advertising you can invest in. A happy employee will sing the praises of your company to friends, family, and just about anyone who will listen. We love sending our people home with a piece of branded swag that they’ll get use out of, and we’ll get exposure out of. Everybody wins.”
Here’s a few of our favorite corporate giveaways that we’ve recently seen at our event venue:
Popsockets are quickly becoming one of the hottest mobile accessories in the country. Popsockets attach to the back of your phone, and serve as an enhanced grip for photos and texting, as well as a media stand for when you want to set your phone down to watch streaming content, or make a video call.
By customizing a Popsocket with your logo, you will make sure that your brand will go everywhere that your employees go.
Reusable Water Bottles
Reusable water bottles are a great giveaway for multiple reasons! Firstly, you’ll cut down on water cooler waste in your office, because your employees will no longer need to use disposable plastic or Styrofoam cups.
Additionally, reusable water bottles are something that employees will use frequently outside of the office. Make sure that you get the bottles customized with your company’s logo front and center, and your brand is sure to get a lot of exposure while your employees are out and about! These bottles have been one of the most popular items we’ve seen come out of our Orange County corporate event venue.
Memory Stick Pen
This idea combines two of the most common ideas for promotional giveaways into one awesome item! It’s an unfortunate reality that when a company gives away a pen or a flash drive, the recipient often times will toss those items into a junk drawer or glove box and then forget about it.
However, a combination of the two items will ensure that your employees will get a ton of use out of this handy gadget. Check them out here:
USB Wall Charger
This one isn’t too flashy, but it certainly is useful. USB wall chargers are an item that you simply can’t have too many of. With so many different devices to charge, everyone can use a spare wall charger that they can leave at the office, or take with them on the road. 
We hope you will find these suggestions useful when planning your next corporate event!