Seeing as how New Year’s Eve is the official end of the holiday season, NYE is a night that everyone expects to be magical. We know from experience how those high expectations can put a lot of pressure on party planners, which is why we’ve put together a list of our top 5 favorite themes for a New Year’s Eve party. 
Certainly we don’t have to tell you that a theme can make or break your event! The parties and private events that we’ve seen come through our event venue in Orange County recently have opted to get creative with their themes. 
Here are our theme suggestions to consider for your party:
James Bond 
Your guests will love attending this bash for secret agents and super villains. In our experience, guests enjoy getting creative with their costumes, and will show up in tuxedos, ball gowns and three piece suits. 
As we mentioned in our holiday party planning blog post a few months ago, 2017 has seen a lot of parties move away from the typical “Casino Night” theme. However, casino games would fit in nicely for a Bond party with a Casino Royale twist! Make sure that you have an event venue that is large enough to facilitate a few table games for your guests to enjoy.
This one is brand new, and one of our personal favorites. For a Netflix costume party, guests show up dressed as their favorite character from a Netflix original series! With hit shows like Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Marco Polo, Daredevil, Narcos, etc. there are a lot of different (and low cost) costume options to choose from! 
This is another theme that will allow your guests to get very creative without breaking the bank. In fact, most of your guests probably have some 90’s apparel in their closets right now. However, if your guests can’t find any flannel, overalls, platform sandals, or butterfly hair clips, a quick trip to Target should be enough to find some articles of clothing that should fit the theme.
Be sure to make a playlist that’s full of boy bands, grunge, and hip hop, and your dance floor will be packed all night long.
Game of Thrones 
Transforming your banquet hall into King’s Landing will make your NYE party truly extraordinary. A Game of Thrones theme will make it a little more difficult for your guests to acquire a costume, but with ample notice, and an investment between $50 – $100, attendees will be able to find authentic attire from Westeros. 
Whether your guests are young children or full grown adults, everybody has a favorite Disney character! With so many different movies, cartoons, and shows to choose from, the options are endless. Now that Disney owns the rights to Marvel and Star Wars, your guests will also be able to dress up as super heroes and Jedi Knights! We recommend checking for easy costume ideas.
We hope that you have found these suggestions useful, and we wish you luck in planning an unforgettable New Year’s Eve bash.