Tempo was founded in 1924 by Oscar Vidal as the Vidal & Sohn – Tempo Werke in Hamburg, Germany. The company became well known in Germany for its line of small cars and vans, and later for its production of military vehicles during World War II.

The two exposed spare wheels at the center are free to rotate about their respective axles. In rough terrain this aided in the prevention of high-centering, reducing the tendency for the vehicle to become stuck while following artillery guns onto unimproved surfaces. In addition to conventional front wheel steering, the rear wheels are also steerable.

1,335 units were produced from 1936 to 1944, mainly for export as staff and command field cars. Foreign users included Romania, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Mexico, Brazil, Finland, and Chile. However, several dozen G1200s were used by Germany, in particular with the Nazi Party’s famed “Schutzstaffel” or “SS” which translates to “Shield Squadron.”



Chassis Number:



Two 2-cylinder engines, one up front driving the front wheels and the other in back driving the rear wheels, thus providing four-wheel drive


1,760 kg


68 km/hour